There are a number of different robot end effectors out there today. Pneumatic grippers are the most common ones since they are low cost and simple. Nowadays, there is a new player in this game too: the electric gripper. This type of gripper lets users control the position and speed of end effectors precisely. Suction cups are even simpler gripping devices since they make use of the vacuum for lifting flat objects. Then there’s the magnetic gripper. This gripper tends to be forgotten in most lists, and that’s why, today going to take a look at its characteristics:

Magnetic gripper types
Magnetic grippers that use electromagnets are powered using DC power when it comes to handling material in general. This type of magnetic gripper is very easy to control since the attraction can simply be turned off when you shut the current down. This is also a good way of removing the magnetism from the handled part.

Permanent magnets
This type of magnetic gripper does not require any power in order to operate. They stay on permanently. When you want to separate the magnet and the piece, you will need to use a push-off pin. This magnet offers one advantage as far as safety is concerned since it remains on even in case of a blackout. Moreover, there’s no possibility of any sparks during production because there is no electric current involved.
Advantages of magnetic gripper
It only requires a single surface in order to grab onto an object.
The speed with which it grasps is quick.
It’s flexible and doesn’t need different designs for various parts.
It doesn’t require too much maintenance.
It can easily grip parts that vacuum grippers would not be able to.

Disadvantages of magnetic gripper
When it is moving quickly, parts may slip out from end effectors.
Some oil on the surface will reduce the end effectors strength.
Handled parts may remain magnetized.
Machining chips remain on the gripper while unloading pieces.
It can be used for ferromagnetic materials only.
There are various magnetic grippers which can be used for just about any application. Manufacturers just need to find one that meets their needs.

Various Characteristics of Magnetic Grippers